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We are Nifty Money. We strive to be your go to resource for all things personal finance. Whether its financial independence, debt consolidation, or building your investment portfolio, we’re here to be the most trusted name in personal finance. With a humble approach, fresh content, and integrity-based advice, we offer custom financial tools to help consumers make the most informed personal finance decisions.

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Our industry experts craft content for you based on data, statistics, and their expertise in the financial field. With years of experience, they are able to break down the most complicated financial topics into easy-to-digest tips.

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Prepare for success with cutting edge tools to make sure you get the right cards in your wallet, and determine the best plan for you. Smart and simple resources are available for you to make quick informed decisions, and build side-by-side comparisons.

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For those who want to make bigger moves in becoming financially fit, we offer a one-on-one personalized concierge service to help you make the most informed personal finance decisions best for your lifestyle.

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Viktor Franken

CEO and Founder of Niftymoney.org, serial entrepreur of multiple ad-tech companies, focusing on strategy, team building, raising capital and accelerating growth

Stephanie Croft

Head Researcher for Niftymoney.org making sure you are getting the best and most up to date information for everything personal finance. Her extensive educational background in Finance plays a key role in reviewing and and all information we put out.

Kevin Wright

Chief Technical Officer, Kevin makes sure our site is running smoothly and all of your information is securely protected from any and all threats.

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