How To Fix SSL Issue Of Your WordPress Blog

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         Today we will show you how you can fix SSL problem of your WordPress Blog. As you all know Google told that they would give more importance (SEO Boost) to those websites who had SSL installed. So If you have not installed SSL on your website yet ; try to install it as soon as possible. Do you know you can use SSL into your website free of cost. Yes, it’s true; a company called “Let’s Encrypt” is giving SSL Certificate free of cost. Ask your hosting provider if they provide “Let’s Encrypt” or not. 

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After installing SSL on your wordpress website you might face various issues ; sometimes your website failed to show the SSL Green  Lock icon. Sometimes you might see other pages of your websites insecure or you might get warning message from your browser. Do not worry about all the issues; we have a simple and best solution for your WordPress Website SSL problems. Install a plugin called “Really Simple SSL” into your WordPress admin panel. 

Why “Really Simple SSL” Is The Best Solution For Your SSL Problems:

 1. The Plugin automatically configure your wordpress blog to run it over in a SSL environment. 

 2. “Really Simple SSL” plugin is very easy to use.

 3. The plugin will force all your webpages to run on https version automatically.

 4. It will always show Green Lock icon on any browser.

 5. Really Simple SSL will fix mixed content issue of your wordpress blog.

 6. It can handle load balancer issue.

 7. It will automatically rewrite your .htaccess file to run your blog over https environment.

 8. It will save your time and will automatically fix your SSL problem like a pro.

 9. Really Simple SSL comes with a Paid Version also (Although Basic version is Free). You will get more features from a Paid Version.


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         We will suggest you to use “Really Simple SSL” free version first. We hope all your SSL issues will be solved after using this plugin. If you need extra support or you want extra features then you can buy their Paid Version. Do not forget to Subscribe us via Email. If you have any question or suggestion feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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